New Logo for Fanooly Special

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New Logo for Fanooly Special

Post by Fanooly Special on Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:04 pm

The Fanooly Special Logo has served as the most iconic logo in the BSB league since 2010.  A bastion of all that is right and just, the Shield has graced the team both during reigning championships and bagelships.  It was featured prominently on the first ever piece of BSB merchandise, Dan's Fanooly Special T-shirt.  It is a logo that has served the team well, but the time has come to evolve and progress.  

The New Fanooly Special Shield. Fashioned in the traditional team colors Maroon and Grey, the shield features a more refined and rounded contour than its predecessor.  The accenting gold color represents the heritage of success that the team in which it was born.  The team won the championship in the BSB league's inaugural season. History, no matter how bleak must not be forgotten.  For this reason the gold in the shield also subtly acknowledges the team's brief stint as home of the Golden Bagel.  At the base of the shield is a banner, upon which is festooned the Fanooly Special moto: "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum" which translates to "Only the Best is Satisfactory."  It is my hope that this new logo will bravely represent the team in an era of renewed success and prosperity.

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