Rob Ford Scale of: How Shitty was Your Draft Pick?

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Rob Ford Scale of: How Shitty was Your Draft Pick?

Post by Sexual Tyrannosaurs on Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:20 pm

Bageler - Randal Cobb - 2nd Round, 10 Overall - RFS Level 5
Not a terrible pick at the time (probably a little early for my taste), but now the Bageler needs to be concerned.

Bageler - Drew Brees - 5th Round, 39 Overall - RFS Level 3
I hate this pick here. Too early to pick up a QB who is due for a down year in an eight team league.

Scoregasms - Arian Foster - 5th Round, 40 Overall - RFS Level 4
Real big risk here, but you have to look like RFS 4 when you think about it.

Bageler - Todd Gurley - 6th Round, 42 Overall - RFS Level 8
This is a terrible pick. He's a rookie, he's hurt, his offense isn't that good, and HE IS NOT EVEN KEEPER ELIGIBLE! Not drafting Gurley where you can keep him was a huge mistake.

Ski Ski Ski - Martavis Bryant - 6th Round, 47 Overall - RFS Level 7
This is textbook fantasy shittiness. Drafting an injured or suspended player after the news was broken. A rookie mistake for a second year player. You had more than 24 hours to check Adam Schefter's twitter.
Martavis Bryant Suspended Twitter

Bageler - Seahawks D - 8th Round, 58 Overall - RFS Level 10
Wow, this is a really really bad pick. This is the kind of pick that weighs you down like cement bagel shoes. Absolutely horrendous. The next defense was taken 41 picks later, in the 13th round.  You still had BOTH your starting FLEX positions to fill, but you thought getting that a defense was more important. There is no justification for this pick. At the end of the season, when you win the Golden Bagel again, you should go back to the draft recap and look at all the players you could have drafted instead of a defense.

Bageler - Kicker, Stephen Gostkowski - 12th Round, 90 Overall - RFS Level 6
Another garbage pick here. It says a lot that the Bageler drafted a defense and a Kicker before another defense or kicker was taken.

There were more shitty picks, but I didn't want to point them all out before the Champ's draft.

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Re: Rob Ford Scale of: How Shitty was Your Draft Pick?

Post by Fanooly Special on Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:51 pm

The first time I opened this I wasn't able to see the picture. Makes way more sense with the pictures.

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