Crunching some numbers before the final week

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Crunching some numbers before the final week

Post by Awww_Ski_Ski_Ski_Ski on Thu Dec 03, 2015 7:12 pm

As we head into the final week of the regular season, here are some interesting numbers to consider about the Future Champs division. Data courtesy of the Elias Sports Bureau:


* Despite ups and downs throughout the season, with one week to go the ranking of total points scored is mostly in line with the standings overall.

* ThunderKatz leads by over 100 total points, with a total of 1,454 through 12 games, and the Whore Island Ocelots are last with 1,119 (just as those two teams are first and last in the standings).

* The major exceptions are Scoregasms:Nexus--which has the 4th most points (1,314) despite being in second place--and Awww Ski Ski Ski Ski, which just surpassed Kappa Chow for second place despite being in 4th place in the standings. (#humblebrag)


* The two most consistent teams have also been the two worst teams this season. Looking at the range of scores throughout the season and the difference between everyone's highest and lowest scores, Martucci's Premium Sausage ranks as most consistent with range of just 41 between his highest and lowest score. Unfortunately for him, that range is 114 points on his best week and just 73 on his worst.

* Let's not understate how bad that is. Martucci's Premium Sausage's highest score this season--114--is lower that ThunderKatz's average score (121)... by 7 points. Sorry Tooch, but your team is definitely less than 100% beef.

* The Whore Island Ocelots are not much better, with a high of 122 and a low of 72, or a range of just 50 points. They're the second most consistent by this metric, meaning the two most consistent teams are also the two worst.

* The most inconsistent team? None other than Kappa Chow, which has ranged as high as 209 and as low as 84 across 12 weeks, or a range of 128.


* It's a long season, and everyone's teams have changed a lot throughout the 12 weeks. I barely remember the team I drafted--and am not totally sure I want to. So I looked at how everyone did in the first half of the season (weeks 1-6) versus the second half (weeks 7-12). Obviously we still have one more week, so these numbers could change before the playoffs.

* Looking at that information, the team that has had by far the worst decline is none other than the reigning bageler--Kappa Chow--whose average score has declined by 22% (from 125 to 97) in the second half of the season.

* The Ocelots are the second-worst, with a 12% decline, and Scoregasm:Nexus fell slightly (6%). (Combined, our total score as a league dropped by about 2% from the first half, though, so a 6% decline is not very much.)

* The team with the greatest second-half surge has been none other than Awww Ski Ski Ski Ski, with an 8% improvement (108 average in Weeks 1-6 and 116 average in 7-12), followed closely by ThunderKatz (6% increase) and Martucci's Premium Sausage (6%).

* Danimal's Bone Train and Same Old Jets improved slightly in the second half, with 2% and 3% increases respectively in spite of an overall 2% decline across the division.

That's all for now. Will update if anything interesting changes after Week 13. Also could do this for the Future Bagelers division if people want, didn't take very long in Excel.


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