Analysis: Star players and playoffs

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Analysis: Star players and playoffs

Post by DANIMAL_BONE_TRAIN on Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:14 pm

Non-Injured Star Players Who Will Not be in the Future Champs Division Playoffs
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Big Ben
3. Russell Wilson
4. Andy Dalton
5. Philip Rivers
1. Adrian Peterson
2. LeSean McCoy
3. Lamar Miller
4. Chris Ivory
5. Doug Martin
6. Thomas Rawls
7. T.J. Yeldon
8. Buck Allen
9. DeMarco Murray
10. CJ Anderson (k)
1. A.J. Green
2. Calvin Johnson
3. Larry Fitzgerald
4. Brandon Cooks
5. Jeremy Maclin
6. Emmanuel Sanders (k)
7. TY Hilton (k)
8. Sammy Watkins (k)
9. DeAndre Hopkins (k)
10. Mike Evans (k)
11. Odell Beckham Jr. (k)
12. Golden Tate (k)
13. Martavis Bryant
14. Amari Cooper
15. Eric Decker

1. Greg Olsen
2. Julius Thomas
3. Gary Barnidge
(k): keeper in future bagelers league

So...what's the point? what does this list tell us?
1) Available playoff player pool: Our playoffs will occur in a drastically reduced "available player universe" which is missing a huge number of star players. This player universe will continue to contract as the playoffs continue, until our champion battles the champion of the future bageler league, and our parallel universes will collide, leaving one true champion, a man-sized point in space of collective strength, character, and masculine virtue.

Conversely, the bagel universe will contract into a bagel-shaped black hole over the coming weeks...a point in space so dark, so cold, that not even light can escape. A black bagel hole. For more information I encourage you to check out "A Brief History of Time"

2) Collective Sigh of Relief for Playoff-bound teams: Everyone knows THAT GUY. That one player who can strike fear into your heart whenever your opponent plays him. Mine is AP...a 1/1,000,000,000 genetic lottery winner who can single-handedly run over your entire team. If aliens ever send their strongest to battle ours...we're sending AP.
This list represents a number of similar big name/high ceiling players which playoff teams don't have to be afraid of anymore. Conversely, bagel bowl competitors will have to worry about them. But worrying about the future is part of being in the bagel bowl. '

3) No truly bad teams (so far): As the week 13 results tell us, anyone can beat anyone in this league. The list shows again, massive talent on losing teams. This message gives hope to all of us and is a call to arms for high-seeded playoff teams. Any Given Sunday rule still applies. This means that even teams with losing records remain competitive throughout the season. The only truly bad team will be that of the bageler, whose ineptitude will be determined empirically with an increased sample size of a two week matchup.

4) Quality of players on non-playoff teams: This list is obviously stacked. One could easily assemble at least two high caliber teams from this list, or one nigh-unbeatable squad. Thus, a massive amount of trade value may have gone untapped for some teams. Even in the wake of an injury-plagued season, teams with losing records were able to carry a ton of collective talent...which leads to the next point:

5) Great players vs. Great teams: In the ongoing discussion of "how do I win in fantasy?" this list provides some evidence that great players alone do not make great teams. Obviously there are plenty of stud names remaining on playoff teams. We all like having top players and big names. But, I would contend that building depth, strategy, matchups ( and of course luck, play larger roles in sustainable
long-term success. Obviously, I did not follow my own advice, as my mid round draft picks were:

Round 3: Jordan Matthews (can't catch)
Round 4: Joe Randle (can't stay out of legal trouble)
Round 5:Melvin Gordon (can't hang on to footballs)
Round 6: Peyton Manning (can't move)

6) Importance of trade deadline: This one may have gone overlooked, but this really made me think about how important a trade deadline is. In our league, where everyone is competitive and stakes are high, it is easy to see how desperate bagel teams would be compelled to escape through radical trades with high-ranking playoff teams, which could be disruptive to competitive balance late in the season.

7) Conflicting opinions are of course welcome. Just food for thought.


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